Salary pay-roll computation

A well-defined payroll management system acts as a catalyst for the smooth functioning of an organization. It helps to maintain confidentiality and meets the statutory requirements in doing basic payroll calculations in a cost-effective manner. When we look from outside the payroll process seems to be simple, but it involves meticulous planning and computations on the gross salary, leaves, advance loans, gratuity etc. To handle this, the best decisions are outsourcing your payroll, rather than depending on the in-house finance teams. Outsourced payroll services are availed at affordable rates, improved data security and efficient management.

  • Communication and coordination with HR department of the client.
  • Gross salary calculations (overtime, incentives and bonus)
  • Employee expenses calculation (Travel, Accommodation)
  • Wage Protection System (WPS) assistance
  • Issuance of salary transfer letters to the bank
  • Calculating End of the service settlement
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